Shifty 4

The first of the summer comps kicked of in CasVegas last weekend.
The Jam was a 2 hour session, the set up was amazing with lots of awsome rails. As the Jam started, me and TJ Harding headed out to start warming up. After the first few runs I had really got used to most of the features, I was straight in doing K-feds, Super Feds and 450’s out.  By the end of the night I had landed tons of sick tricks like nose tap 5’s and 630’s!

Nose tap 5

After the jam we had a quick break and then got back on the slope for a team event.  The rules were that we had 4 runs in our teams to go mad and crazy. The whole event was about creativity. Our team captain Adam came up with some fun ideas and we put them into practice in our first 3 runs and on our 4th we put them all together.  We had Liam lying upside down with his skis up in the air for us to tap or ski slide. Then we had Tim sitting behind the gas pipe with his poles in the air for us to jump through and finally, we had a guy grabbing our skis/boards and spinning us on the box!!!!!


At the presentation I was called out for second place in the 13-16 year old category, Josh Jenkins got third place and Tyler got first.

And yes, I was stoked!!!

MJ bags second place

So, what do you think? ;-)

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