Month: May 2012

Come on England!!!!!

  I am now officially in the England B Squad for halfpipe and slopestyle!  I’m extremely happy and honoured to have been selected and I can’t wait to work with the coaches to help me to progress to the next level in […]


Yesterday we made the long journey to Castleford for the 3rd annual SNO!down.  The SNO!down is always a relaxed comp which means that everyone is in their comfort zone for most of the time! The set up this year was […]

SnowTrax Jam – 1st Place

We went to the SnoTrax slope in Christchurch for Air Attack! – their first ever competition on a new type of matting called pro-slope. The Proslope is definitely a lot different to any other dryslope matting I have ever skied on. It’s […]

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