SnowTrax Jam – 1st Place

Fun on the kicker

We went to the SnoTrax slope in Christchurch for Air Attack! – their first ever competition on a new type of matting called pro-slope.

The Proslope is definitely a lot different to any other dryslope matting I have ever skied on. It’s a lot softer underfoot than perma snow and snoflex and the upside is that it doesn’t seem to burn out your bases. When you crash it doesn’t hurt which is definitely a bonus when your trying new tricks! It is also very good for getting up speed and just for general all round skiing as well as freestyle! The only downside is that there aren’t enough slopes in the country with this matting!!

The competition got off to a good start with a warm up session and then straight into the jam itself. It was a fun, relaxed competition and was a great start to the summer (in the rain!!!)Big Boss

At the end of the day we had the presentation in the clubhouse and I was stoked to get 1st place and land some hard cash too!!

Thanks to Darren and the rest of the team for laying down a great competition!  You can read the full write up here!

First place in Jam

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  1. 1st again, never mind posing for the camera…..ow much wonga did u win? god youre gonna be loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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