Victory at Kumi Yama! Les 2 Alpes 2012!

This summer I am doing a season in Les 2 Alpes! I was lucky enough to get here in time for the 5th annual Kumi Yama Competition!

Super Mario!!!

The theme for this year was ‘Super Mario Brothers’ and the course was covered in Mario props like coins, giant flowers and mushrooms!The set up was amazing and really inventive with a really impressive layout as usual from the awesome park shapers from L2A!

Me and my team mate Alex Hall competed in the amateurs’ competition on the Friday but unfortunately my ski came off in mid-air during a cork 9, even though I landed it it didn’t count as I couldn’t finish my run!

On Sunday, Alex and I  also competed in the Kumi-Kids event as team “Banana” and were totally stoked to make it into the final.  We laid down a couple of great runs on the rails and were amazed to be announced as the overall winners!  We both skied away with the title and a brand new pair of APO powder skis!

1st Place for Team Banana!!

The Kumi Yama week was a totally awesome event – it was brilliantly organised and we made a whole bunch of new ski/snowboard buddies from all over the world including people from America (Dean – the Master of Kumi Yami), Estonia (Kelly and Henry Sildaru), Switzerland (Alex Hall), Japan and a few other countries too!

MJ with Sammy

Thanks to the fantastic competition that L2A have put on I have also met my number 1 idol Sammy Carlson and I’m also skiing with him up on the glacier every day this week!

My life is officially complete!Ha Ha

We Still Ride for Japan!!!

So, what do you think? ;-)

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