Summer Heat Rail Battle

The Unity Summer heat rail battle went off last weekend. This year it was held at Milton Keynes rather than Castleford. Now they have introduced a new format which keeps the competition flowing and running smoothly, riders from each category get sent out onto the slope in separate heats. The top riders in each category then go into the overall final where people get knocked out every couple of minutes until the best riders are left.

In my heat everyone skied really well! Tricks were going down from the very first run. Everyone was taking some decent slams going for some of the bigger tricks!

This year I was lucky enough to get into the final and not get knocked out!

1st place in the Amateurs Summer Heat Rail Battle

When prize giving came around I found out I had come 1st in the Amateurs category and won myself a bag of swag full to the brim with sick prizes.

Thank you to Unity, Milton Keynes, and all of the sponsors of the competition for a well run and fun event!  You can check out the full report from Unity here.


I also came 3rd the weekend before in big air at the farmers jam in big air so it’s been another great couple of weeks!

So, what do you think? ;-)

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