Westbeach In and Out at Milton Keynes

My rugby injury

Yesterday I headed up to Milton Keynes for the “in” part of the Westbeach in and out competition. Unfortunately on the day of the competition I injured my leg playing rugby and it was very swollen and bruised.

When I got up to the slope I started to get ready but my swollen leg wouldn’t fit into my boot so while everyone was out on the slope for the warm up I was sitting with my leg elevated, getting some ice to it trying to reduce the swelling. Eventually, I was able to ski just in time for the qualifiers. For the first 5 or 6 runs I was just trying to get used to skiing with the bad leg. After that the pain-killers set in and I was able to ski ok although it still hurt whenever I landed!

I was pleased to get into the super finals where I laid down 2 good, solid runs. When prize giving came I had bagged myself a 1st place in the under 16’s category.  Well done to Monty for 2nd and Lewis for 3rd.


Respect to Chris Wadsworth for getting best trick, 1st in his category and 1st over all!  Also a huge thanks to MK and Sue Garlick from Westbeach for a sick competition!

Mj 1st at West Beach

So, what do you think? ;-)

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