English Slopestyle Champion!!

Last week I headed up north, to Manchester, to compete in the English Champs. After registering we got the opportunity to head out onto the slope, scope out the course and get a few chilled practice runs in. The course was a lot more creative than set-ups here have been in the past, with multiple lines and potential for a lot of creativity, everyone was loving it. This was then followed by a verylong wait while the snowboarders did their qualification runs.

When the time eventually came round I put down two solid runs with some of my better tricks in them and managed to qualify first for finals for the under 18’s.

Finals was the same format as qualifications, two runs, best score counts. I flaked out a little on my first run but managed to put down a solid second run which I was very happy with.

English Slopestyle Champion © Brandon Griffiths

English Slopestyle Champion
© Brandon Griffiths

I managed to walk away with a 1st for Under 18’s Male Ski and a 1st Overall! I was over the moon with this result and becoming the English slopestyle champion. My mood was then lifted even further when I looked on the score sheet and found out that one of the three judges had given my run a perfect 100 out of 100!!!

I am so happy with these results and I can’t wait for summer to start!

So, what do you think? ;-)

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